Coworking spaces are shared workspaces offering a suite of office-like amenities for those seeking flexible space options other than home offices or traditional office settings. They also offer social, collaborative environments and creativity through community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small teams.

For freelancers, coworking means flexible hours and time schedules without having to work in solitude. And for start-ups, coworking spaces don’t come with the high costs of office lease, fosters interaction among small teams and in some cases, helps with important business connections. Even forward-thinking corporations use coworking to their strategic advantage. According to Karen Williamson, Director of EMEA Research, JLL, coworking offers corporations a competitive edge, allowing them to tap into new products and ideas that wouldn’t have been possible inside their own offices. This is evident in WeWork’s client list with corporate names like Merck, Dell, McKinsey & Co., and professional services firm, KPMG who lease desks for their employees so they can work with and draw inspiration from freelancers and small businesses.

Why Should You Consider Coworking Spaces?

Coworking can help businesses grow in many ways as it enables true freedom in its flexibility, connectivity, and creativity. Importantly, its main advantage is its socially conducive culture, allowing different like-minded people with varying unique skill sets and talents to truly connect, collaborate and come up with fresh ideas/innovations for growth. Other benefits of co-working spaces include:


For entrepreneurs and professionals (freelancers) who aren’t keen on traditional office hours, coworking spaces allow them set their schedules which in turn improves work-life balance.

Elimination of High Costs:

Buying or renting an office space is highly expensive. With coworking spaces, you don’t have to bother about additional expenses like electricity bills or office furnishings and capacity. You save a lot of money and use it for your business’s growth. Also, there are options for everyone and members can rent out these affordable spaces according to their needs.

Fully Furnished Coworking Space:

Coworking spaces provide comfortable interiors with modern designs meant to increase productivity. Depending on the demands of a business, there are available meeting rooms, lounges, reception areas and amenities that any entrepreneur might need.

Networking Advantages

This is the most important impact a coworking space can have on a business.  The more you connect with people, the more clients you create for your business. A coworking space promotes collaborative and healthy working relationships between like-minded professionals from different industries and gives members the opportunity for knowledge and skill sharing, the collaborative space for thinking up new creative ideas and making new connections or business partners.

Start-ups Benefit From Experienced Professionals: By bringing experienced professionals into the same space as startups, early-stage entrepreneurs can learn from their experienced peers. This can happen naturally, if a workspace has a diverse membership base, or can be constructed with mentorship programs and workshops.

Diversity: Members are able to test out ideas and products on their fellow members, or request help and collaboration for skill sets in other industries. For example, a website designer can get support from peers who may have expertise in law, accounting, marketing, etc.

Some businesses often prefer serviced offices especially companies who need prestigious addresses and private, high-end meeting spaces to meet clients.

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